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By Stanislaw M Ulam

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The autobiography of mathematician Stanislaw Ulam, one of many nice medical minds of the 20th century, tells a narrative wealthy with amazingly prophetic speculations and peppered with energetic anecdotes. As a member of the Los Alamos nationwide Laboratory from 1944 on, Ulam helped to precipitate probably the most dramatic alterations of the postwar global. He used to be one of the first to take advantage of and suggest desktops for medical study, originated rules for the nuclear propulsion of house autos, and made primary contributions to a lot of modern-day so much hard mathematical projects.With his wide-ranging pursuits, Ulam by no means emphasised the significance of his contributions to the study that led to the hydrogen bomb. Now Daniel Hirsch and William Mathews demonstrate the real tale of Ulam's pivotal function within the making of the "Super," of their ancient advent to this behind-the-scenes examine the minds and concepts that ushered within the nuclear age. An epilogue by means of Françoise Ulam and Jan Mycielski sheds new mild on Ulam's personality and mathematical originality

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3r. 36 British Library, Sloane ms. 3750, f. ” 37 British Library, Sloane ms. 3750, f. 3r. 38 The expression “last great philosophical alchemist of the seventeenth century, the anonymous Eirenaeus Philalethes,” occurs in Dobbs, Foundations, p. 52. Dobbs, of course, did not realize that Starkey and Philalethes were one. This page intentionally left blank ALAN E. SHAPIRO* NEWTON’S OPTICAL NOTEBOOKS: PUBLIC VERSUS PRIVATE DATA Newton’s optical investigations, especially as gathered in his Opticks (1704), are widely regarded as representing a decisive, historical change in experimental practice.

PRINCIPE features as Ramist dichotomies and numbered observations were not lacking in the chymical textbooks that Starkey had at his disposal. The famous Alchemia of Andreas Libavius, published in 1597, contains dichotomy charts, and both J. B. 25 This lends credence to the argument that Starkey’s peculiar system of note-taking was in large part a transfer from the oral and scribal culture of early Harvard rather than a mere adaptation from printed sources. Starkey seems to have been respecting demarcations of genre that were inculcated into his tender brain while he was still a dominus imberbis, a “Sir Beardless” at Harvard College.

18 We know that arguments of this general form provided the stock-in-trade of Harvard education during the 1640’s, when Starkey was an undergraduate. 19 Mitchell’s disputation concerns a metaphysical issue, namely whether a cause remains present in its effect. What concerns us is the form of the argument, which is divided into Quaestio, Neg[atio], Oppositum, and Responsio. This form of argumentation at Harvard was frequently accompanied by numbered Theses as well. A subsequent folio of the Mitchell ms.

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