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By Peggy Harris

Through analyzing you make the initiatives which are practical in addition to ornamental. you are going to stick to the step-by-step instructions on how you can create the animals defined and make a exceptional construction of your personal. examine the valuable Kitty at the hide and permit your mind's eye ask yourself deliberating areas you could

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Toeing out is a worse fault than toeing in and is harder to correct. One must be very careful when trimming or shoeing to correct toe in or out. You can help a little, but don't overdo it. It's best to level the hoof and then check by watching how the horse puts his hooves down when he walks. We check this on hard-packed sand. If the hoof twists when it hits, it needs more trimming. If he toes out and twists out at a walk, take a little more off the outside. If the hoof hits flat, leave it alone.

If he toes out and twists out at a walk, take a little more off the outside. If the hoof hits flat, leave it alone. If you trim a horse whose legs (look carefully at the knees) point out, the hooves should point out at the same angle. If you trim a colt in until his hooves point straight ahead while his conformation says he should toe out, you'll lame him. No discussion of conformation is complete without considering conformation under saddle. The horse should appear alert but not jumpy. He should travel with his nose in Page 8 never out like a pointer dog.

To me the hackamore is a rawhide noseband one-half inch or more in diameter complete with headstall and rein. The smaller rawhide noseband is a bosal. The pencil-size bands that go under the bridle are bosalitos ("little bosals"). The reins and lead rope consist of a twenty-two-foot mane-hair or mohair rope called a mecate (pronounced "meh-kah-tay"). The rope is tied on the hackamore so that the length Page 44 California hackamore with fiador (throatlatch) and mecate (reins and lead). Page 45 of the reins suits the rider.

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