A Pictorial Guide to Birds of the Indian Subcontinent by Salim Ali, S. Dillon Ripley, John Henry Dick PDF

By Salim Ali, S. Dillon Ripley, John Henry Dick

ISBN-10: 0195637321

ISBN-13: 9780195637328

This accomplished publication depicts all chook species discovered at the Indian Subcontinent. The entries are prepared familywise on 106 color plates which stick to one another in systematic order and are therefore effortless to discover. superbly illustrated by way of the yank chook painter, John Henry Dick, the e-book presents concise info bearing on prestige, measurement, habitat and distribution inside subcontinental limits. The textual content has additionally been thoroughly revised and up-to-date with loads of new data.
(Иллюстрированный цветной атлас птиц Индийского субконтинента)

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WHlTERUMPED MAGPIE Pica pica 700) 1032. INDIAN TREE PIE Dendrociffa vagabunda 70(10) 1035. BLACKBROWED TREE PIE Dendrociffafrontalis 70(11) 1036. WHITEBELLIED TREE PIE Dendrocitfa leucogasfra 70(9) 1038. HIMALAYAN TREE PIE Dendrocitta formosae 70(8) 1040. ANDAMAN TREE PIE Dendrocifta bavlryi 70(12) 104 1. HLJME'S GROUND CHOUGH Podoces hurnilis 70(15) 1042. NUTCRACKER Nucifraga catyocaracres 70(13) 1043. Ssp. hetnispila of 1042 70( 14) 1045. YELLOWBILLED or ALPINE CHOUGH Pvrrhocorax graculus 71(2) 1046.

Bill small, slighlly decurvcd, with a very large gape. Legs short; feet small with hind toe completely reversible and needle-sharp curved claws, useless for walking or perching. Wings bow-shapcd - long, narrow and pointed. Sexes alike. Swif~sare capable of sushined high-speed flighL often spending all day on the wing; they rest by clinging to rough, vertical surfaces. Food, insccts hawked in flight. Nest of grass, tow, etc.. glued together with saliva and attached to a vertical surfacc. Some species build their nests entirely of saliva; these nests are edible and of commercial valuc.

Eggs, 4-14. 1824. 1826. 1830. 1832. 1834. 1836. 1837. 1838. 1839. 1841. EUROPEAN NUTHATCH Sitta europaea cashmirensis EUROPEAN NUTHATCH Sitta europaea nagaensis CHESTNUTBELLIED NUTHATCH Sitta castanea WHITECHEEKED NUTHATCH Sitta leucopsis WHITETAILED NUTHATCH Sitta himalayensis ROCK NUTHATCH Sitta tephronota BEAUTIFUL NUTHATCH Sitta formosn VELVETFRONTED NUTHATCH Sitta fiontalis WALL CREEPER 7Fchodroma muraria SPOTTED GREY CREEPER Salpornis spilonotos Plate 73(4) 73(1) 73(3) 73(6) 73(2) 73(5) 73(8) 7x7) 73(9) 73(14) Family CERTHIIDAE: Tree Creepers Small arboreal birds with plumage chiefly brown to black above and white, grey or buff below.

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