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Release her only when she is calm. TIP! If your puppy squirms very hard, try laying her on her side rather than on her back. 1 Cradle your puppy on her back. 2 Pick your puppy up facing you. Set your puppy on your legs. Roll her backward. Once she relaxes, relax your hold on her. TEACH IT: 1 A crate provides a den for your puppy, which instinctually feels safe to him. Your puppy’s kennel is his personal space and he deserves to be left alone while inside. Blankets and a cover make it cozy and comfortable, and a few toys inside will make it fun.

Always give the reward from below, near your puppy’s chest, as rewarding from above would encourage him to peek in anticipation. 1 Hold your clicker in one hand, and a treat in the other. 2 Use your clicker hand to lure your puppy up. 3 Use the treat in your other hand to lure your puppy’s head down. 4 Click and release the treat. 5 Have your puppy wait a few seconds before releasing the treat. TEACH IT: 1 Choose a tug toy that is long and whippy, with fur, fleece, or leather hanging pieces. Squeakers or food pockets will be extra enticing.

3. Each click is followed by a treat (no multiple clicks). 1 Attach a wrist strap to your clicker for easy access. 2 Randomly click your clicker. 3 Immediately follow up with a treat. TEACH IT: 1 Hold your clicker in one hand. In your other hand, hold a treat between your fingers, and hold your hand flat, with your palm toward your puppy. Get your puppy’s attention as you do this by saying “cookie” or whichever word he understands to mean a treat. ” in an encouraging voice. 3 The instant you feel his nose touch your hand, click your clicker to let him know that was the behavior that earned him the treat.

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