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Many humans worship not only one yet many gods. but a constant prejudice opposed to polytheism denies legitimacy to a couple of the world's oldest and richest non secular traditions. In her exam of polytheistic cultures either historic and contemporary--those of Greece and Rome, the Bible and the Quran, in addition to glossy India--Page duBois refutes the concept the worship of a number of gods clearly evolves through the years into the "higher" trust in one deity. In A Million and One Gods, she exhibits that polytheism has continued intact for millennia even within the West, regardless of the numerous hidden ways in which monotheistic proposal keeps to form Western outlooks.

In English utilization, the be aware "polytheism" comes from the seventeenth-century writings of Samuel Purchas. It used to be pejorative from the beginning--a observe to tell apart the assumption method of backward peoples from the extra theologically complicated faith of Protestant Christians. at the present time, whilst monotheistic fundamentalisms too usually force humans to devote violent acts, polytheism is still a scandalous presence in societies nonetheless orientated in response to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim ideals. Even within the multicultural milieus of twenty-first-century the USA and nice Britain, polytheism reveals itself marginalized. but it persists, maybe simply because polytheism corresponds to subconscious wishes and deeply held values of tolerance, range, and equality which are important to civilized societies.

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So much for Homer, Greek tragedy, Vergil’s Aeneid, and all the rest. H EG E L O N TH E RE LIG IO N S In his lectures on religion, delivered over a period of years from 1821 to 1831, the great and influential German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel considered the polytheisms he knew, under the rubric of T H E P R E J U D I C E A G A I N S T P O LY T H E I S M 35 “determinate,” “particular,” or “ethnic” religions, lacking the necessary and further evolution to the consummate, “conceptual” form of religion that he finds in his version of Protestant Christianity.

Again, I’m not saying monotheism was as successful as we might have liked in this regard, but it made some headway. ,” posted May 27, 2013, again cited word for word: Human beings grow in their relationship with God. The first stage is nature worship or Totemism. Second stage is polytheism in which many gods are worshiped. here is an acceptance of many gods but one god is considered superior to the other gods. The next sate is Dualistic monotheism which affirms the existence of only one supreme God, other gods are seen more like angles, inferior to him.

The extraordinary destiny of Christianity and to a lesser extent, of Islam in this regard” (Augé, 108). The most pertinent opposition that can be drawn in the religious domain would set on one side the religions of the unique and personal God, on the other the polytheisms. The history of the world, whether we like it or not, 42 A MILLION AND ONE GODS is in great part the history of their encounter.  .  . (vertu de tolérance) (Augé, 109). Augé is critical of pious considerations of the equality of religions, which often come from hypocrisy and “approximation,” and mask too often “the effects of domination and alienation which characterize the relations between unequal political powers” (Augé, 109–110).

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