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In lieu of Formosus, Boris was offered the choice of a candidate from among the Latin Although dissatisfied with clergy dispatched to Bulgaria. being thwarted in his original choice, Boris, after almost two years' indecision, acquiesced and selected (in the sum mer of 869) for the dignity deacon Marinus. The latter had been sent to Constantinople by Nicholas, but was refused entry. Thereupon, he took refuge at the court of Boris. Being without a stated charge, he seemed to qualify admir ably for the exalted post offered him by the Bulgarian khan.

359. I, p. 357-59. THE RISE OF SLAVIC CHRISTIANITY 27 Theophanee, op. , v. p. 761-5. 3 ,3. I, a I a it, by the Bulgars, to guard it against the Avars. At the center of this strategic and well-protected territory lay Pliska, northeast of Shumla, where the sublime khan, as the ruler of the Bulgars was called, built his palace and held court. This form of governmental organization of the Bulgars and Slavs is further confirmed by Frankish sources of the ninth century which speak of it as Bulgarorum societas.

How could this be done in the face of opposition which such a program would necessarily arouse on the part of the actual Greek holders of ecclesiastical power in Bulgaria? Even suppos ing that Emperor Basil and Patriarch Photius were for the present favorable toward the Slavic missionary work, would not their attitude change as soon as the supremacy of the Greek clergy would be seriously endangered? Moreover, This story is found in the recently discovered Life of Naum ; cf . Ivanov, J. ; 20. B'lgarski starini it Makedoniya, Sofia, 1908, p.

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