Michael McCollum's A Greater Infinity PDF

By Michael McCollum

ISBN-10: 0345011651

ISBN-13: 9780345011657

ISBN-10: 0345301676

ISBN-13: 9780345301673

ISBN-10: 192938100X

ISBN-13: 9781929381005

Exchange paperback model of technological know-how fiction novel. initially released through Del Rey. booklet is huge structure, revealed on vibrant white paper, excellent certain, with complete colour, plastic laminated covers.

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Haret had asked. " "But in a different spot! It would be practical teleportation. No more ten-hour jaunts between portals. " Dal Corst looked thoughtful. "I never thought of it that way," he said, scratching at a week-old growth of beard. Our ten days in the sun had caused us to go a bit native and none of us was looking forward to returning to the quest on the morrow. "I can't be sure until I look at the mathematics, of course. " Twenty centibora," Haret said, snapping me back to the present.

He quickly found the dent in the Watchman's skull. A quick conference of barks suddenly ended in more orders. Before I realized what was happening, rough hands grabbed me by the arms and bent until my wrists were crossed behind me. I stood still while a rawhide strap was fastened around them. When I was securely bound, my two captors crossed to Haret and repeated the performance. The conquistadors turned their attention once more to Dal. I got the impression the two younger captors —teenagers with scraggly beards and bad acne—wanted to kill Dal to save the trouble of transporting him.

Now here we are on the Earth…" I used the Temporal Basic word which, of course, meant exactly the same thing. "… and it's revolving around the Sun. Now, to complicate matters further, the Earth is revolving on its own axis, meaning that we are speeding along at about a thousand miles an hour on top of everything else. " They nodded. " Dal sat back on his haunches and looked at me with serious eyes. " "Curved," I said, nodding. " "Curved, then. " "It's a matter of energy. In theory, we could jump any size temporal barrier if we just had sufficient energy available to us.

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