Download PDF by Siphiwe Baleka, Jon Wertheim: 4-Minute Fit: The Metabolism Accelerator for the Time

By Siphiwe Baleka, Jon Wertheim

ISBN-10: 1501129775

ISBN-13: 9781501129773

From Yale-educated truck driving force and health guru Siphiwe Baleka, a innovative metabolism-spiking software for someone who feels they don’t have sufficient time, gear, or cash to get healthy and lose these additional pounds.

When Siphiwe Baleka, who had as soon as been a NCAA department I athlete, started truck using in 2008, his complete way of life replaced. inside weeks his metabolism slowed significantly and he received ten percentage of his bodyweight. He knew he had to take again keep an eye on of his well-being and alter the sedentary way of life of truck driving—one of the country’s least fit industries.

Now, Baleka, founding father of health Trucking and full-time health trainer for high Inc., one of many nation’s biggest trucking companies—and now one of many healthiest—helps millions of Prime’s long-haul truck drivers, who've additionally struggled with weight and illnesses, together with his 13-week food and workout plan.

Combining step by step routines and recommendation on fit consuming (even at the go), 4-Minute Fit is a versatile, but strong plan that's confirmed to spice up your metabolism, supply effects, and assist you dispose of these additional kilos and achieve your weight-loss objectives. Baleka’s application is geared not just when you force eighteen-wheelers, but additionally for an individual who travels for paintings, has a role that consists of loads of sitting, or doesn’t imagine they've got sufficient time to workout and consume greater. If you’re annoyed via the load achieve that comes from no longer being lively adequate because of your task or way of life, 4-Minute Fit is the easy new advisor that may transform your lifestyles.

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Since my early childhood, I’ve always liked going against convention. I didn’t rebel for the sake of rebelling, but I never minded being different. And my time at Yale just highlighted that fact. I didn’t mind that most of the best swimmers were from California and Florida, and here I was, from the guts of Illinois. Or that most other swimmers, including my teammates, were tall and lanky and classically built, while I was just 5 foot 8 and maybe 140 pounds, soaking wet. While swimmers were supposed to specialize in a single event, I was a generalist, who swam sprints but also swam long distances.

The 4-Minute Fit is a remarkably easy and effective plan, one that requires you to exercise at high intensity for just four minutes a day—and up to a maximum of no more than fifteen minutes a day—and to eat a protein meal or snack every three hours. That’s it. The 4-Minute Fit works by targeting your hormonal system, boosting your metabolism, and forcing your body to burn fat for energy. And this plan works for people whose weight-loss challenges are just like yours, except worse. We’re talking about a subset of Americans who spend their day sitting—sometimes for eight, ten, twelve hours at a stretch—and then sitting again the next day and the day after that.

Each day. That’s it. Four minutes, 240 seconds. If every American makes this a habit every single day, I believe we will win the War Against Obesity. Why do I believe this? Because I am using this strategy within the most unhealthy occupation in America—long-haul truck driving—and it is working. And I have hard evidence to prove it. And if it can work for truck drivers who work and live in a unique environment with severe occupational obesity hazards, it can work for just about anyone. It’s real simple—do any movement or movements you can do, with maximum intensity, for four minutes.

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